Wicked Resources

We all go a little mad sometimes, especially when we can't find something were looking for. I'm here to help with a collection of my favorite sites, books, costume tips as well as crazy history of our favorite holiday.

Halloween History

Think that Halloween is child's play? Look at its dark and twisted past.

Bewitching Books

Whether its pumpkin carving or parties these books will guide you.

Costume Crypt

What are you going to be for Halloween? Start here.

Sinister Shops

Go beyond the ordinary and discover some great online shopping.

My Favorite Halloween Sites


Love shopping, costumes, and parties? Then look no further than the incredible site from Miranda.


Products, movies, haunts and everything else that a Halloween lover could possibly want to know about are here.


Get in the mood with this haunters sinister haunt photos. He's so good his work has been featured in several horror films!


Makers rejoice at the Halloween section of this robust site that gives you all the plans to create spectacular props & costumes.

The Onion Takes On Halloween


Love it or loathe it, the satirical website The Onion always has a humorous take on issues from holidays to parenting styles to gender identity. I distinctly remember my brother living in his Spiderman pajamas for a year, and I also remember the issues my father had with my more "spirited" costumes. If only The Onion was around then!

Has Halloween Become Overcommercialized?

How to Get Your Son to Remove His Halloween Costume

How to Find a Masculine Costume for Your Effeminate Son