Chris Kullstroem (Pelican, 2017)
J.W. Ocker (Countryman, 2016)
Horrific Things (CreateSpace, 2017)
by Nicholas Rogers (Oxford University, 2002)
by Lesley Pratt Bannatyne
(Pelican, 2011)
by Lesley Bannatyne
(Pelican, 1990)
by Lisa Morton
(Reaktion Books, 2012)
by David J. Skal
(Dover, 2016)
by Jack Santino, Ed.
(Tennessee, 2003)
by Lisa Morton
(McFarland, 2008)
by Lisa Morton
(McFarland, 2003)
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Bewitching Books

As Autumn approaches, I retire to the library in the darkened east wing of my haunted mansion, light a crackling fire, and grab a bewitching book from my ever-growing collection. Below is a loathsome list of my favorite Halloween books.

Halloween History & Studies

David J. Skal

Author of Death Makes a Holiday, and The Monster Show   |

“Halloween is the quintessential American holiday. We grow up with the expectation that we can be anything we want in life, and Halloween is the one night of the year that actually makes good on the promise."

Halloween Decorating & Entertaining

by Martha Stewart Living
(Clarkson Potter, 2001)
by Martha Stewart
(Martha Stewart, 2010)
by Britta Peterson (2010)
by Britta Peterson (2011)
by Matthew Mead (Oxmoor House, 2012)
by Matthew Mead (Oxmoor House, 2009)
by Matthew Mead
(Oxmoor, 2013)
by Gooseberry Patch
(Oxmoor House, 2012)
by Editors of Country Living
(Hearst, 2009)
by Country Living
(Hearst, 2013)
by Chris Kullstroem (McFarland, 2009)
by Chris Kullstroem
(McFarland, 2009)
by Morgana De Ville (Lorenz, 2013)
by Stephen Brown (McMeel, 2012)
by Bethany Lowe
(Lark Books, 2008)
by Cico Books
(Cico, 2013)
by Susan Wasinger
(Lark Crafts, 2012)
by Lesley Pratt Bannatyne
(Pelican Books, 2002)
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Lesley Bannatyne

Halloween Author |

“I love Halloween because it's the only holiday we have left where we open our doors to strangers. Halloween draws a big circle around all of us–kids, alternative culture, dark music, yard decorators, crafters, artists–and gives us one night a year where creativity and chaos trump regular day-to-day life. There's incredible freedom in that.”

Halloween Eats & Treats

Kathryn Dunagan (CreateSpace, 2015)
Britta Peterson (Britta Blvd, 2017)
Sharon Bowers (Storey, 2009)
Beth Jackson Klosterboer (2010)
Christine McConnell
(Regan Arts, 2016)
Lily Vanilli (Cico, 2010)
Zilly Rosen
(Andrews, 2011)
Gianna Sobol, et al
(Chronicle, 2012)
Debbie Goard
(Harper, 2012)
Katya Johanssson (2016)
(Wiley, 2012)
Terrance Zepke
(Safari, 2015)
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Lisa Morton

Author |

“What I love most about Halloween is how it empowers people to be creative, whether making a costume (and as a kid I loved making my own costumes), living out the fantasy of being someone else, decorating their house, or giving people a playful scare with a haunted house.”

Pumpkin Carving & Eating

by Tom Nardone (Penguin Books, 2007-08)
Tom Nardone (HP Books, 2008)
(Gibbs Smith, 2012)
by Lundy Cupp (Fox Chapel, 2016)
by Vic Hood, Jack A. Williams (Fox Chapel, 2004)
by Bon Kotowski(Cedar Tree, 2008)
by Gail Damerow (Storey Books, 1997)
by DeeDee Stovel (Storey, 2005)
by Editors of Country Living Magazine (Hearst, 2005)
Spruce (2014)
Cindy Ott (UW Press, 2013)
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Chris Kullstroem

Author of Making a Monstrous Hallowee  |

“Halloween is when the world transforms into the darkest underworld of our imaginations: filled with monsters and nightmares that we love to enter, embrace or run from screaming." 

Costumes & Make-up

by B. Clark & A. Dodd
(Workman, 2004)
by Jonni Good
(Wet Cat Books, 2012)
by Per Kapper (Dansk Biblioteks Center, 2011)
by Jim & Tim (Workman, 2003)
by Shirley Dearing
(Meriwether, 1992)
by Joanne O'Sullivan
(Lark, 2003)
by Brian Wolfe and Nick Wolfe (Impact, 2013)
by Shawn Thorsson (Maker Media, 2016)
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Britta Peterson

Webmistress of the Dark  |

"Halloween is the most creative holiday. Not only are creative costumes a must, but so many varieties of decor can work for Halloween themes...and even better when you have fun making your own!"

Advanced Yard Haunting & Prop Building

Roger Hayes (2014)
by Shawn & Lynne Mitchell
(Rabbit Hole, 2009)
by Shawn & Lynne Mitchell (Rabbit Hole, 2010)
by Shawn & Lynne Mitchell (Rabbit Hole, 2011)
by Shawn & Lynne Mitchell (Rabbit Hole, 2014
by Kenneth Pitek
(McFarland, 2006)
by Tom Nardone
(Perigee Trade, 2009)
by Mike Senese
(Maker Media, 2016)
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Vintage Halloween & Nostalgia

by Diane C. Arkins (Pelican, 2004)
by Diane C. Arkins (Pelican, 2007)
by Phyllis Galembo (Abrams, 2002)
by Mark Ledenbach (Krause, 2007)
by Lesley Pratt Bannatyne
(Pelican, 2004)
by Stuart Schneider (Schiffer, 2010)
by James Lantos (Applewood, 2012)
by Ossian Brown (Random House, 2011)
by Marion Paull (Cico, 2014)
by Ruth Edna Kelley (Lulu, 1919)
by Mary F. Blaine (Lulu, 1912)
by Jim Heimann (Taschen, 2005)
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Scary History, Commentary & Oddities

Cassandra Peterson (Colebank, 2017)
Chris Kullstroem (Pelican, 2017)
Lisa Morton (Reaktion, 2017)
Colin Dickey (Penguin, 2016)
Aaron Mahnke (Del Rey, 2017)
Aaron Mahnke (Del Rey, 2018)
Aaron Mahnke (Del Rey, 2018)
Grady Hendrix (Quirk, 2017)
Christopher Dell (Thames & Hudson, 2016)
Chris Woodyard (Kestrel, 2014)
Paul Gambino (Laurence King, 2016)
Jack Mord (Last Gasp, 2014)
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All About Scary Movies

Seth Grahame-Smith (Quirk, 2007)
Adam Rockoff (Scribner, 2015)
Stephen Jones (Applause, 2017)
Stephen Jones (Applause, 2015)
John Landis (DK, 2016)
John Griffin (Insight, 2007)
Nathaniel Tolle (Schiffer, 2014)
Lasseter, Unkrich, Molina (Chronicle, 2017)
J.W. Rinzler (Insight, 2006)
Jed Alger (Chronicle, 2012)
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