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2019 marks the 10th anniversary of this site, which was formerly called MyScaryHalloween.com. It started back in 1996 as one page on personal website. In 2002, I launched an informal Halloween newsletter for friends where I would gather everything I could find about Halloween. All this content would go out and then disappear. There was no repository for all this content, so I launched a seasonal blog in the Autumn of 2008 called Wicked October. Then I started thinking about building a larger site.

Every Halloween site I came across had lots of passion but terrifying design. I was a graphic designer and believed I could use my skills to build a better Halloween site so I started researching and writing. I studied photography to take better pictures, I enlisted friends to help with my writing, and paid close attention to Martha Stewart’s styling.

But what to call this site? I debated, asked friends, and got suggestions from colleagues. In the running was One Dark Night, Darkest Night of the Year, and Wicked October, but then I remembered a fun little movie called My Bloody Valentine. MyScaryHalloween.com launched in the Autumn of 2009! And in 2013, the blog relaunched as MyScaryBlog.com as a year-round blog.

Ten years later, I’m getting older, allegedly wiser, and I’m a very different Editor-in-Mischief with a different point of view. I work in academia now and my perspective has changed for the better. Issues of equity, gender, identity, bias, and cultural pride are part of my day-to-day awareness and it's not something you can or want to unlearn. I realized I was always afraid to declare my own identity online for fear of rejection or hate.

I’m now happy to say that I am a proud Latino who isn’t ashamed to admit that he loves Halloween! I’m also a horror film geek and I am currently working towards a film studies degree. With my personal evolution, my own brand has also evolved and now I am SEÑOR SCARY. This identity embodies where I come from, embraces my love of all things scary, and has a much more forward personality. MyScaryHalloween.com is now SeñorScaryHalloween.com, and MyScaryBlog.com is now   SeñorScary.com. These are the same sites, same editor, with new names that align better with my feisty identity, refreshed outlook, and my frightening declaration: Vive la Vida Espantosa!

Follow me, if you dare. Please update your bookmarks (to SenorScaryHalloween.com), connect with me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and read my SenorScary.com blog, especially if you like horror movies. And I know people say this all the time, but I really enjoy talking to Halloween enthusiasts and fellow horror fans. So please say hola and have a scary Halloween!


A consumer of horror, haunts & Halloween. Film geek. Paranormal enthusiast. Home haunter in autumn. Graphic designer & blogger.

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The Evolution of My Logos

I'm a graphic designer and constantly tweaking my work, thinking of the next iteration or idea to keep the evolution moving forward. Part of the goal for my Halloween site and horror blog was to have a sandbox for learning new skills and techniques so I've never shied away from changes to the logos. I initially tried to coordinate the look and feel of the logos. Then the blog took on its own personality once the focus changed to a year-round horror journal. Take a look at my various logos over the last 10 years of my Halloween website and blog!